Written by John Squires

Last night marked the series premiere of Fox’s horror-comedy series Scream Queens, which takes inspiration from 80s slasher films and stars none other than the ultimate scream queen herself, Jamie Lee Curtis. Fellow star Lea Michele appeared on The Ellen Show this week to promote, and got the scare of a lifetime.

During the interview, the topic of conversation turned to horror films, and Michele told Ellen that she’s a big fan. In fact, she even revealed that her dream is to someday watch the original Halloween with co-star Jamie Lee Curtis, before the conversation was rudely interrupted by the man himself: Michael Myers.

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Yes, just as the Scream Queens star was regaling Ellen with a story about her love for horror films, the prank-happy host elicited a real-life scream from her, by having a man dressed as Michael Myers literally pop up from a coffee table situated right next to Michele. It was cruel – cruel and totally hilarious.

Check out Ellen’s unexpected Michael Myers scare prank below, which prompted the young actress to (jokingly) promise she’d never do the show again!

[youtube id=”pMjtykpJnRU”]

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