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Michael Myers is Looking Murderously Dapper in New Image From ‘Halloween Kills’

by Trey Hilburn III

Empire Magazine has shared a very rad photo of The Shape recently. The photo reminds us that Michael is indeed back in cinemas Oct 15 in the UK. A big reminder that we are getting closer to Halloween Kills.

The pandemic surely put a big stop on to us watching Halloween Kills back when we should have. We would have already watched that film last year and be well on our way to seeing the third entry, Halloween Ends. It’s like time just stopped, and while all that frozen time is a major bummer that also included us missing Ghostbusters: Afterlife in theaters, we are now going to have an amazing year of releases.


Photo:(Empire Magazine)

I feel like now, Halloween Kills arriving in theaters is a benchmark not only of Blumhouse returning to the box office and all that entails financially. Its arrival is also a true flare being shot into the darkness to illuminate the abyss and remind us all that we are okay, and that Halloween and our spooky way of life is back and nights at the movies are back. We pulled through together.

In addition to the return of Michael Myers we are also already set up for an entirely new film that is well into production. So, while it was a bummer to put off watching Halloween Kills, the good news is that we are that much closer to Halloween Ends. The only way that could have turn out any better is if we had ended up with them being back to back but we will take the silver lining where they are offered.

Are you guys excited about the the brand new image of Michel Myers? Are you excited about the benchmark return of Halloween Kills and the spooky season? Let us know in the comments section.

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