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Michael Bay’s Pandemic Horror, ‘Songbird’ Receives Trailer and December Release Date

by Trey Hilburn III

Songbird is here to make sure that all your COVID-19 fears stay very much intact and continue haunt you. To be honest the film that imagines the world gone further down the shithole and into an evolved COVID-23, doesn’t seem that far fetched at this point.

The synopsis for Songbird goes like this:

Set two years in the future during a pandemic lockdown, we follow the budding love story between a motorbike courier named Nico, who has rare immunity, and Sara, a young artist.

Sounds pretty on the money and pretty real life spooky. Michael Bay will produce Songbird with Adam Mason on as director. It stars tarring Demi Moore, Craig Robinson, Paul Walter Hauser, Bradley Whitford, Peter Stormare, and Jenna Ortega.

What makes the whole thing even creepier is that Songbird was in production during the pandemic lockdown. As you can see a lot of it is seemingly isolated and takes place in apartments and primarily through separation.

Songbird will be available to rent on VOD beginning December, 11 at the price of $19.99. That price will buy you a 48-hour window to watch the film.

What do you guys think about the trailer for Songbird? Will you renting this one to get yourself in the holiday spirit when it hits VOD this December? Let us know in the comments section.

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