Mezco Toyz ‘Hellraiser III’ Puzzle Blox Have Such Sights To Show You

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Mezco Toyz is making the world a little brighter for fans of Hellraiser with their Hellraiser III inspired Puzzle Blox. These awesome things come in two designs. One features images from the Pinhead driven franchise, while the other is taken from the classic Lament configuration.

Mezco Toyz is proud to introduce Puzzle Blox – a pop culture game.These 3D combination puzzle games are chock-full of colorful images featuring some of pop culture’s most famous and infamous characters! The Hellraiser Puzzle Blox features Hellraiser – the High Priest of Hell and leader of the Cenobites. Mix the pictures up and see if you are skilled enough to put them back together. Rotate the square puzzle on both the X and Y-axis to reassemble the iconic imagery. Time yourself against a friend or break your own record. Each Puzzle Blox is packaged in a collector-friendly window box, perfect for display in your collection, on your desk or as a fiendishly confounding puzzle.

I’m excited about owning one, while also simultaneously fully aware that the frustration of these kinds of puzzle boxes have been know to tear a soul or two apart from frustration alone, never mind the Cenobites.

For more info on pre-orders, head over to Mezco.



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