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Mexico City Sewer Workers Discover ‘Giant Rat’ Underground

by Timothy Rawles

So you’ve decided that you want to become a city worker and clean sewers for a living. Despite all the other muck you know you’re going to encounter, imagine your surprise when you find a giant rat staring back at you.

That’s what happened in Mexico City when sewer cleaners were doing regular maintenance to clear the tunnels of garbage. In their duties, they happened upon a huge rodent that turned out to be a wayward Halloween prop. The life-like decoration was washed away “years ago” according to a woman, Evelin López, who says it was hers.

"Giant Rat" from borderreport.com


López says the prop was made of materials she had collected over the years and it had been stored in a warehouse. A storm flooded the building and the huge critter was washed into the drainage system.

She says she asked for help to find the beast after the flood but never got any. Whether or not she is going to keep the filthy beast is still being decided.

I bet Morgan Spurlock never imagined this.

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