This past Sunday night was of course the season finale of HBO’s True Blood, which brought the show to a close on a fairly uneventful note. If you haven’t yet watched it, there are plenty of spoilers to be found in the next couple paragraphs, so you might want to avoid going any further!

The most shocking moment of the finale was Sookie Stackhouse killing longtime lover Bill Compton, reluctantly staking him in the heart per his insistence. At the very end of the episode, a flash forward in time revealed that the survivors of all the Bon Temps madness are finally together and happy, and we learned that Sookie is both married and pregnant – as Bill had so badly wanted her to someday be.

In an effort to convey the idea that Sookie was finally living a normal life, with a normal man, the identity of Sookie’s bearded husband was not revealed, as we were only shown small glimpses of his back and the side of his face. Who is this mysterious man that Sookie ended up with? We did some digging and we were able to track him down!


It was longtime True Blood stuntman Timothy Eulich who portrayed Sookie’s very human husband, and it’s interesting to note that Eulich actually appeared on screen once in the past, during season two. He began doing stunts for the show in the second season and he played Fellowship of the Sun member Rich in the season’s eighth episode, titled ‘Timebomb.’

Eulich has also performed stunts for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Twilight, “Mad Men” and the upcoming Jurassic World.

So now you know, super-fans who need to know absolutely everything. Hope you can rest easy tonight, armed with this (fairly useless) knowledge!