Meet Our iHorror Expert Glenn Douglas Packard

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I must admit, writing for iHORROR is such a cool gig! Anything related to HORROR, makes me feel like a kid in a candy store!  I am so grateful for this opportunity to voice my opinions.

What makes me a horror expert?  Besides taking some film classes in college, way before that, at the age of 13 I watched my first horror film “EVIL DEAD”.  Coincidentally, I later attended MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY, where the cast & crew of “EVIL DEAD” were alumni.  From that moment, I have been a fan of horror.

I’ve worked in the entertainment industry as a creative director/choreographer for some of the biggest names in the music industry like Ricky Martin, Missy Elliot, P!nk, Daddy Yankee, Usher and even a Emmy Award Nomination for the King of Pop Michael Jackson,where I worked alone side him for his Michael Jackson’s 30th Anniversary Special.(and you know I had many questions about THILLER!)  Im also part of the HULK HOGAN brand,I was sidekick to Brooke Hogan on VH-1 reality show, Brooke Knows Best. Along with the E! movie event I created called MEN OF THE STRIP.

glenn packard for iHorror
However, my horror obsession is slowly turning into more of a career path.  Eventually, I plan on directing horror films once I retire from the dance industry. I even got a few friends together and did a Paranormal Activity meets Britney Spears-type music video to a single I released a couple Halloween’s ago titled “LOVE DANCE” just for the hell of it. (***UPDATE 2016 OCT. I did direct my first horror film and its called PITCHFORK! a passion project that has been in my head for over 8 years, I finally released it and Uncork’d is the worldwide distributor.)

My blog will be the voice of a true horror film fan.  I know we are a passionate bunch, so there will be those who will agree with what I have to say, as there will be those who will disagree.  There are all types of horror fans with a new generation emerging every ten years.  I’m here to remind the horror aficionados of lost gems and perhaps introduce a film to a new horror fan!

Did I mention I love making Top 5,10, 20 lists?  Of course, they will all be horror-related.  So don’t be scared to send me your thoughts or even your own top list request.  I welcome all kinds of opinions.

You can contact me at [email protected]

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