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The professional world of clowns is taking Stephen King to task, they are accusing him and the movie IT for their recent loss of work.

You may remember last year an epidemic of people dressed in various clown attire took pleasure in scaring the public so badly that law enforcement had to get involved in some cases.

That left the professionals in a bit of bind, there was an upswing in collective Coulrophobia or fear of clowns, but they still had to make a living.

This year is seeing a repeat of that thanks to non-stop hype (like this article) and media saturation of IT. The reboot starring Bill Skarsgard as the evil Pennywise, has once again created a phobia that is affecting the professional clown industry.

“Last year we were really blindsided,” World Clown Association president Pam Moody told The Hollywood Reporter. “We’ve since created a press kit to prepare clowns for the movie coming out.”

The guide is filled with suggestions and advice for professional clowns, saying the “art of clown is something to be treasured and enjoyed.”

The guide also goes on to say, ”just because someone wears a rubber Halloween mask, that does not make one a clown!” and they warn parents, “that young children not be exposed to horror movies.”

One performer named Count Moody says the original adaptation of King’s novel was the genesis, “It all started with the original It,” she says, “That introduced the concept of this character. It’s a science-fiction character. It’s not a clown and has nothing to do with pro clowning.”

Unfortunately, that’s not stopping people from canceling their bookings even in the classroom where you would assume teachers are likely to ease anxiety, but they might be too afraid themselves.

“People had school shows and library shows that were canceled,” says Moody. “That’s very unfortunate. The very public we’re trying to deliver positive and important messages to aren’t getting them.”

One professional showed up to a gig early for a birthday party says Moody, but she’s the one that got the scare of her life while waiting in the car.

“She looks up and there are four police officers surrounding her,” Moody says. “Someone in the neighborhood called in a clown sighting.”