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Oh, sweet Yoshihiro Nishimura!  The bizarrely-brutal makeup artist and filmmaker is back with the aptly titled ‘Kodoku: Meatball Machine!’ It is on its way to splatter bloody carnage all over  a screen near you.

For those not familiar with Nishimura’s work, he is the sick dude behind awesome titles like ‘Tokyo Gore Police,’ Helldriver and a bunch of other equally goretastic movies.

This one is a sequel to Yamaguchi and Yamamoto’s ‘Meatball Machine.’ It continues the oddball, gory fun into a whole new level of depravity.

The first film was insane! It was about these alien parasites that turned humans into slaves called ‘Necroborgs.’ At its core the gory cyberpunk film was…. a romance. Well, kinda. It was featured a boy meets girl structure. A quarter way in, the girl is turned into a necroborg by parasites. The young Romeo becomes a necroborg himself in order to save the girl. Things get intense and bizarre. The make-up FX are on another level!

The first film came out in 2005 and fans have eargerly waited this entire time to get a sequel. So, cyberpunks, without wasting your time any further, here is the trailer and poster to ‘Kodoku: Meatball Machine.’