Video: Matthew McConaughey Made His Acting Debut on ‘Unsolved Mysteries’

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Written by Patti Pauley

Chances are if you’re over 30, you damn well know Unsolved Mysteries was the greatest, and most terrifying thing you saw on prime-time TV. The weekly program about unexplained phenomena, strange murders, and sometimes featuring a beautifully grainy image of Bigfoot, did a fantastic job of making me think escaped murderers were lurking in my backyard late at night.


I fondly remember being the ripe ol’ age of five, when my stunning Nan (Grandmother) introduced me to that horrifying theme song followed by Robert Stack and his haunting tales of true terror and persuasive speculation on mysterious legends. We had just sat down in the living area after becoming near comatose after a heavy meal of pasta and meatballs. My dear sweet Nana ruled her house with a wooden spoon, usually dripping with tomato sauce, and even if it was against our will, we were going to sit down, shut the hell up, and witness the glorious splendor of Sir Stack grace that obnoxiously humongous floor television set. And although some of the programming did indeed give me the skeevies at a young age and resulted in a few sleepless nights, over time it became one of my go-to programs as a kid and into young adult-hood.


Thank you Robert Stack for the countless night terrors.

So now that you know about thine fondness for the Stack and the eerie show, I really couldn’t be more excited that the show is now FINALLY able to stream on Amazon for Prime members. So it goes without saying, I haven’t had much of a social life since the Stack episodes hit streaming. Given the show’s absence from streaming sites as long as these services have been available, watching Unsolved Mysteries now, is like watching it for the first time. Minus a few fuzzy memories here and there when certain memorable clips arise from episodes. The stories are as old as dirt, but fascinating nonetheless; especially the new updates from solved cases. The music will send shivers down your spine, and the stunning reenactments paired with an abundance of 80’s mullets, will give the warm fuzzy feelers.

While I must confess, the acting wasn’t always that stellar, did you know that a certain Oscar-winning actor made his screen debut on the series? The A-list actor Matthew McConaughey was first a reenactor and stepped on-screen for the first time in 1992 on the creepy crime program.

Alright, alright, alriiiiiiight.

Matthew McConaughey

The actor soon to be seen as The Man in Black in The Dark Tower film, appeared as a murder victim in season five, episode twelve of the series. McConaughey portrayed 26-year-old Larry Dickens who was brutally murdered in front of his mother’s home back in 1978. The clip, seen below, runs for a little over five minutes, and we first get to see the Dallas Buyers Club actor in all his shirtless glory. Enjoy!

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