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Matrix Glitch? Eerie Video Shows Sheep Standing Motionless For Hours

by Timothy Rawles

Did Rory Davis capture a flock of sheep glitching in the matrix? Are aliens behind this? Or did the following video just capture the weather’s effect on livestock? No one knows for sure.

Davis, 24, was on holiday last month with his family in Troutbeck when he took the video, according to the UK publication The Mirror .

He rented a cottage overlooking a country hillside where a flock of about 100 sheep was grazing.

At about 10 am, he says his mother texted him to look at the sheep from his window.

He brushed off the request, but when his girlfriend Emily asked him to do the same thing an hour later exclaiming the sheep hadn’t moved an inch, he listened.

“I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes!” Rory said. “I was so spooked out that I just stood there and laughed in pure shock and proceeded to swear a lot.”

What’s more, several hours later the herd was still frozen in their tracks, some in mid-stride.

“From the moment my mum text me at 10 am to the moment I left for the day 1 pm, they were just frozen,” he explains. “It wasn’t until I came back later that day to find all the sheep were gone.”

The phenomenon has yet to be explained, but one hypothesis by keyboard theorists suggest sheep will sometimes freeze in place at the onset of inclement weather when they suddenly become wet and cold.

Adds Rory, “I live in the countryside as well and I have never seen anything like that before.”

Take a look:

This isn’t the first time sheep have creeped people out. Back in 2017, 4000 inhabitants of Lady Frere in Eastern Province, South Africa witnessed a creature that appeared to be half-sheep and half-human. You can read that story HERE.

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