Why Masks From The 80’s Were Truly Horrifying

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Back in the 80’s wearing Halloween costumes and going trick r’ treating door to door was a normal ritual. You would wear your costumes to the customary Halloween festival at school and often would be given a glow in the dark safety bag chuck full of treats and safety tips to take home with you.


When the sun would set, you would put on the same costume and a few hours later come home with another treat bag full of goodies. 

Now that I think about it, it was pretty rare to see homemade costumes or costumes that one spent numerous hours on [besides the coveted bedding sheet].

Back then it was pretty mainstream, you buy a mask and the plastic body wear to go with it. It was guaranteed that someone else in your class or school was the same exact thing you were. Visiting the costumes of yesteryear, it comes as a slight shock as to how actually terrifying these masks were. The fact that you had little people that actually donned these costumes, walking through the darkness of the night, made it even that much more horrifying to say the least.

Take for example this particular getup I found on the net:


Children’s costumes were quite simple. You were either a ghost or goblin type, a cartoon character, superhero or an occupation type. Then there are the brides.

These were not cute costumes to say the least. Back then they were absolutely adorable, but not so much now. They honestly look like future serial killers of some sort.

I actually had this mask:


Wonder Woman- One of the more popular masks from the 80’s.

Jem was an extremely popular cartoon show. Jem was beautiful, gracious and an extremely chic role  model for the kids.


But what in the world is this?


Another truly frightening mask was also from another popular television show.


Not exactly the adorable alien I wanted as a child.

Our favorite dolls.


Cabbage Patch



Rainbow Brite

Another favorite television show.


This “Vicky the Robot” from Small Wonder is absolutely nothing like the robot herself

You can’t forget the memorable hero type of icons our parents adored.


1ultimate-warrior-mask.1 copy

The Ultimate Warrior



Knowing the backstory of Annabelle makes me cringe knowing that I once was Raggedy Ann

With the recent popularity of Annabelle and the fact that the original doll looked like Raggedy Ann. I think we all can agree that the Annabelle mask of today would surely fit right into the 80’s.

1Annabelle_PaperMask-314x314 copy

All in all, all the kids that grew up wearing these costumes absolutely loved it. Honestly, without them it just wouldn’t be the 80’s now would it?

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