Marvel Horror Movie ‘The New Mutants’ Delayed to 2019

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Superhero movies are everywhere. This has been the case for over a decade now, with films based on both Marvel and DC characters dominating the box office.

One genre that doesn’t tend to crossover with the superhero world much is horror, outside of horror-tinged heroes like Blade and Ghost Rider. That’s what made FOX’s The New Mutants special.

Director Josh Boone said from the beginning that he intended New Mutants to be a straight-up horror movie, albeit featuring Marvel characters and set within the X-Men world. The trailer was pretty great, and many horror fans had begun to actively anticipate the film.

Unfortunately, those looking forward to meeting The New Mutants this spring will now have to endure a long wait, as THR reports that FOX has opted to delay the film’s release all the way until February 22nd, 2019.

Interestingly, for those wondering why New Mutants has been pushed back, The Wrap reports that sources say FOX thought was the film wasn’t scary enough. It’s weird to imagine a Marvel movie being delayed for lack of scares, but here we are.

In fairness though, The New Mutants wasn’t the only Marvel project to get moved around the schedule, as Deadpool 2 moved up two weeks, and Gambit was delayed to summer 2019. Here’s hoping this delay allows the final product to be that much more frightening.

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