Marilyn Manson’s Instagram is Pretty Much the Most Terrifying Thing Ever

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Written by Patti Pauley

Umm, excuse me. Do you have a moment to hear the gospel of “The God of Fuck”?


Oh good, you didn’t slam the door on me. I’ll just slip that little brochure back into my pocket because we really need to discuss Marilyn Manson’s Instagram account these days. I’m not sure how this guy still manages to surprise me 20 plus years into the game, but you know what? I have to give the guy credit where it’s due because holy shit snacks, is his social media account turned into something like a seriously, disturbing horror movie- found footage style.


I didn’t think anything was going to top his beheading of a tiny-handed politician this year, but I stand corrected.

While most celebs on the ‘Gram are posting pics of today’s must-have outfit, their over-priced lunch in some snooty Beverly Hills hotspot, or pictures of their really cute puppies and kittens ( I rather enjoy Norman Reedus’ cat account), the shock of all the rock is busy making his 1.6 million followers piss their pants with an array of rather peculiar videos that begs me to question: What exactly is Manson up to?

It’s quite clear that there HAS to be something more behind all this, but we can only speculate for now this collection of disturbing videos’ actual purpose. Or, it could very well be he’s just dicking with us entirely and merely having a little fun. One or the other certainly wouldn’t surprise me. Only time will tell..

Now, let’s take a look at these creepy Instagram vids that seem to have everyone talking. All filmed at night, because duh, we begin with a simple illuminated cross shot that is just unsettling all on its own.


6:19. The time has come.

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Then we move in a little closer with the sounds of alarm sirens going off in the background.


The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

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Now here’s where it starts to get a little Blair Witchy. Along with the Chernobyl type alarms still ringing, we hear distressed shouting and the videographer frantically running, panting in fear… From something…



And finally, we’re in the car. Escaping from something seemingly really terrifying. Then we stop, exit the vehicle, and gaze upon a strange hooded figure.



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Welp. If the man ever gets tired of doing the music thing, at least we know he’s certainly capable of making some unnerving horror movies.