Something wicked this way comes – and it brings Marilyn Manson along with it.

In a new trailer for Let Me Make You A Martyr, slated for released through most VOD outlets on June 6th, Marilyn Manson sings a harrowing, sinister song for the audience. As he croons that he is “born to preach the gospel,” we can safely assume that his gospel is more Cenobite than Christ. After all, he just got done telling the driver of the car that his father killed a man with his bare hands. Oh, and he’s also holding a gun. This may be someone’s last drive.

In Let Me Make You A Martyr, Marilyn Manson stars as a hitman named Pope, hired by a father to kill his two adopted sons before they can kill him. It’s a family movie – if murder and mayhem instead of Minions is your type of family movie. John Swab and Corey Asraf wrote and directed the film.

A.V. Club brought us a new trailer for the film, which you can see below.

Additionally, the site listed a number of pre-screening locations for the film. If you live near any of these places, it may be a good idea to explore these dates further. The trailer is filled with gritty intrigue; though I may not be the biggest Marilyn Manson fan, Let Me Make You a Martyr looks like it has the potential to change that.

Let Me Make You A Martyr will be screened at the following locations:

May 25—Tulsa, OK—Circle Cinema (w/ directors John Swab/Corey Asraf and actor Sam Quartin)

May 27—Austin, TX—Alamo Drafthouse (w/ directors John Swab/Corey Asraf and actor Sam Quartin)

June 5—Los Angeles, CA—Sunset 5 Cinemas (w/ actors Mark Boone Junior, Slaine, Niko Nicotera, Sam Quartin)

June 9—Brooklyn, NY—Anthology Film Archives (w/ actors Michael Potts, Gore Abrams, and Sam Quartin)

IMDb synopsis:

Adopted siblings (Sam Quartin, Niko Nicotera) hatch a plot to kill their abusive father (Mark Boone Junior), a local crime boss who won’t go down easily.

Courtesy of AV Club