Marilyn Manson Goes Country in Latest Song

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Okay, not full on country but def inspired by country. Marilyn Manson’s latest song ‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’ is a re-visit of the Johnny Cash song by the same name. And while, I would def call Johnny Cash the most punk-rock country singer who has ever existed, he still definitely existed in and overshadowed the world of country. This song falls into the same category by association.

Marilyn Manson’s latest song is paired nicely with a black and white stark video that sees the shock rocker taking frontier justice to some unfortunate soul before burying them in the desert. This all takes place between the twing-twang of country and the undeniable sound of Manson.

The latest album, due out later this year is one that Manson has described as a ‘reset button’ and is an album that he worked on with Producer Shooter Jennings. The confusion in that being, this particular song was produced by longtime Manson collaborator, Tyler Bates. Perhaps, Jennings is only entering in the writing side and letting Bates take the producer reigns, which should yield some interesting sounds.

The follow up to 2017’s Heaven’s Upside Down is slated for release sometime later this year.

What do you guys think? Digging the new sound?

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