Mannequins Like ‘Tourist Trap’ to Fill In Seats at Re-Opening Restaurant

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The movie Tourist Trap might not seem like such a stretch if Inn at Little Washington continues with their social-distancing theatrics. Because people are still under government guidance when going out, they are required to separate themselves.

Inn at Little Washington seems to have come up with a (creepy) solution to the six-foot rule.

They have placed mannequins in the dining hall to blankly stare at you while you eat. Dressed in vintage 40s-style outfits, the Virginia eatery hopes these life-sized dolls will “make its dining room feel less empty” according to The Eater.

Moreover, the sartorial style reflects the historic nature of the inn.

"Tourist Trap"

“Tourist Trap” (1979)

The restaurant is getting the help of Arlington’s Signature Theater and Design Foundry for staging ideas. Specifically, the “sets” tailored to align “within the whimsical vein of the Inn’s reverently irreverent approach to hospitality.”

Inn at Little Washington [official]

Inn at Little Washington [official]

At a price tag of $248 per person, not including wine, this is a three-star Michelin meal experience; the only one in D.C.

The Inn plans to open with the mannequins for dinner on Friday, May 29.

Inn at Little Washington [official]

Inn at Little Washington [official]

The movie Tourist Trap came out in 1979 and starred veteran actor Chuck Connors. As in the case of the above restaurant, he substituted mannequins for real people due to social isolation.

In the movie, Connors has telekinetic powers and turns hapless tourists into his creepy companions. Hopefully, the restaurant won’t go to that extreme.