‘Mandy’ is Getting a VHS Release on Sept. 4 From Witter Entertainment

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Back in 2018 one of the most anticipated horror movies of the year was Mandy. The promise of Nic Cage and a chainsaw fight was almost too much hype to bear.

Now there’s even more to get excited about as Witter Entertainment is releasing the cult classic on VHS on September 4, 2020.

Witter is renowned for its VHS transfers of classic films. Moreover, they have a whole team of experts who work on these collectibles.

Recent releases include Patchwork, Terrifier, and Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich. 

Back in 1977 the VHS format was launched in Chicago at a tech convention much like the annual events we have today. It was a revolutionary concept especially if you were a photographer. Recording directly onto a tape that required no development was groundbreaking.



The introduction of mass-market and somewhat affordable VCRs sealed the deal; now you could record and immediately see the results on your television with the push of a button.

Movie studios adopted the technology and started releasing post-theatrical run movies on the format until the mid-2000s. A History of Violence (2006) was the last film to be massed produced.

Now, of course, Digital and DVD are the mediums of choice. For hardcore cinephiles, Blu-rays are a must-have.

Witter Entertainment hasn’t forgotten the glory days of watching a B-movie on videocassette. In their mission statement, they say they:

“Create or re-imagine products based on existing or original properties along the entire media spectrum and put them out into the world. We never want to forget what makes something classic.”

Mandy definitely falls into that category for some. Now all you need is a VCR.

For more information on how to snag one of these retro collectibles click HERE.

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