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‘Mandy’ Blu-Ray Release Comes With Even More Cheddar Goblin!

by Trey Hilburn III

Mandy is easily one of the most beautiful, haunting and brutal experiences around. It is going have no problem sliding into my top three films of the year for 2018. It is a singular experience and perhaps may be Nic Cage’s best role to date.

Our fellow iHORROR writer, Jacob Davison shared my sentiment in a review he published earlier this year, so make sure to check that out.

For those already initiated into the cult of Mandy and all of its crazy evil, all the info you need is that this bad-assery is being brought to glorious blu-ray with crystal clear picture, a making of featurette and some extended and deleted scenes.

The behind the scenes featurette takes a deep dive into the world that director Panos Cosmatos created. I’m a fan of the level of honesty that he reveals here. So far as admitting that he wanted to have a visual feast of a film that took from some of his favorite VHS box art covers growing up. It’s really interesting to see how such a surreal film went through different phases of inspired production.

There are a few deleted and extended scenes too. One scene gives a little more explanation into why Red didn’t ever call any kind of law enforcement into the mix, as well as giving a little more info on Mandy’s background. It also includes an really rad extended Bill Duke scene.

But the real price of admission, outside of the amazing film, is the full Cheddar Goblin TV commercial. That’s right, that cheddar fueled lovable scamp, totally unedited. Everything sure is better with cheddar, but even better with cheddar and more Cheddar Goblin.

Mandy is out now on Blu-Ray and DVD and is pretty much all you need to have a crazy evil filled Halloween.

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