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The Man In The Rabbit Mask [Short Film]

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The Man In The Rabbit Mask

A New Horror Legend is Born!

Sit back and close your eyes. Think of all of the scary stories you heard as a child at a sleepover or better yet over a wildering camp fire. Was there ever a story you heard that terrified you so much? I can think of a few, and the short The Man In The Rabbit Mask reminded me of a time when this was true. This well-woven story gives off that campy vibe, two girls questioning their judgment as they begin to make a choice. Interrupted by an adult, the fear remains alive as this masked uninvited visitor remains present continuing his terrifying agenda. The Man In The Rabbit Mask deserves a fighting chance to become a full-length feature, check out the website by clicking here and cast your vote.

From The Press Release: 


In the Winter of 1995, Lucky and Cara’s lives were forever changed when a nursery rhyme spoken over candle light invited an unexpected visitor, offering a gift…for a price. As the allure of the ultimatum makes both girls question their better judgment, the illusion of safety begins to fade in the presence of the masked stranger.

Vancouver, BC, February 6, 2017 – Winner of Telus Storyhive’s $10,000 grant, this 5 minute short is reminiscent of horror classics like: Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday The 13th, Halloween and The Exorcist. Directed by Canadian filmmaker Ariel Hansen and written by Canadian Screenwriter Joel H. Brewster (Becky, He Sees You, Midnight Lovers) the film stars a diverse cast with breakout performances by: Iris Truong (Lucy), Holly Burr (Cara), Katherine Slingsby (Brenda) and Chris Walters at the cryptic Mr. Rabbity.

This project also serves as a proof of concept for the feature film script of the same name also written by Joel H. Brewster. Following the same footsteps as other modern short films turned features such as: Oculus, Saw, Mama and the most recently Lights Out. With anticipated release among the local Vancouver horror scene, Akuma Films and Bad Cookie Pictures are looking to make the next iconic horror monster from Canada, an international success.

Filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia this project marks the first collaboration with indie film companies Bad Cookie Pictures (Ready to Burst) and Akuma Films (Becky, Midnight Lovers, He Sees You) in association with Fixate Films.

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