Earlier this month we told you about a man who robbed a NY laundromat wearing a Michael Myers mask, and it certainly wasn’t the first time someone did something sinister while dressed up as a horror icon. And it wasn’t the last either, as Freddy has now found himself on the wrong side of the law.

As reported by Deadline Detroit, two men stole a car in Detroit this past Thursday, ripping the owner out of it and driving off down the street. According to police reports, the carjackers were wearing two different disguises: one was dressed as a witch while the other man’s face was obscured by a Freddy Krueger mask.


Two guys wearing masks approached me and hit me in the head with a sawed-off shotgun,” the shaken victim, who drives a 2011 Camaro, told Fox 2. “They made me get out of the car and took everything I had and drove off down the street.”

The Camaro was recovered not far from the scene of the crime, though the owner’s belongings were swiped from it. The suspects haven’t yet been found, but police are currently examining the vehicle for evidence. They’re confident that Freddy and the witch will soon be brought to justice.

Check out the Fox 2 news report below.

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