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Let me start by saying that this film looks absolutely awful, the acting is terrible, the directing somehow removes all tension from the scene and the special effects are shit. I mean look at the moment with the blowtorch, what person in a position of responsibility working on this film gave the go ahead for that to go on film? Don’t think I am knocking low-budget indie films, that isn’t what I’m doing at all, I just think that this low-budget indie film in particular looks terrible. Can I also just object to the fact that this movie enforces the stereotype that everyone who lives in the British countryside is some kind of The Hills Have Eyes style murderer.

However, the concept is quite original despite how ridiculous it is and this may be a movie to enjoy ironically, a so bad its good horror movie. I actually want to watch this film now out of fascination, it can’t possibly be as bad as the trailer makes it look, can it?