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Malvolia’s Annual Halloween Party Returns!

by Ryan T. Cusick
Malvolia: Queen of Screams, the horror host that is dominating YouTube has released her second annual Halloween Party special! The episode consists of a game, a challenge, and a terrorizing evening. Four unexpected partygoers find themselves “waking up” in the abandoned Kirkbride Asylum on a fear-driven evening that consists of a game, a challenge, and a terrorizing evening. After “greeting” and explaining to the guests why they are there, they are brought onto a journey throughout the Asylum by Malvolia’s trusted bartender/demonic butler, Victor, only to then face a challenge of sorts.

With a cast of characters Malvolia has in her Lair, you are bound to see some familiar killers throughout the episode. True horror fans may relate the episode to their favorite cult classics with new victim’s names being “Sydney”, (or Sidney from Scream), “Nancy” and “Glen” (A Nightmare on Elm Street) “Jack” (The Shining), and “Adam” (SAW). Also, with Malvolia stating that she “wants to play a game…” and also asking at the end “What’s your favorite scary movie?” Written by the series creator, Jennifer Nangle, directed and edited by one of the series’ producer’s, Richard Trejo, and shot by Paul Stephen Edwards, this film will see all forms of gore, terror, darkness, and mysticism.


Amanda Cano as Nancy

Danielle Inks as Sydney

Garrett Lee as Victor

I must say that our Queen of Screams is very SINISTER this year, more so than we have seen in the past, and I am digging every minute of it. Malvolia brings a fresh take on the “horror hostess” and I believe this is something the horror community is in dire need for, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Malvolia series airing on a television network someday!

Jenn Nangle is Malvolia The Queen Screams

All-in-all this Halloween episode was a great watch, the production team possesses a talent and I enjoyed the atmosphere and the writing was on point. Creating content as such is never easy and comes with an array of challenges, this cast, and crew did a phenomenal job with what they had to work with, Malvolia is certainly stepping up her scares! But hey, don’t take my word for it, check out the Halloween special below.

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Malvolia Season 2 is now available. All new killer episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.

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