Make it Through This Extreme Haunt; Receive 20 Thousand Dollars

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If you have seen the insightful and awesome haunt documentary, Haunters: Art of the Scare, you may already be familiar with the infamous extreme haunt, McKamey Manor. It has even turned up in Dark Tourist, another Netflix show that highlights macabre tourist spots. Why all the coverage? Because it’s an extreme haunt unlike any other and tests the limit of your all out sanity. Oh, and because owner Russ McKamey is now offering a prize of 20 thousand dollars if you can make it through.

The whole process is like something out of one of Unearthed Films catalogue. You reach out to Russ himself, book yourself a date to attend, payment is expected in the form of a bag of dog food. You are then initiated into pre-haunt festivities that include signing a forty-page waiver.

That’s not all, in order to even attend you have to have a valid fitness test, a note from your doctor, a background check performed by McKamey Manor, have valid insurance and even pass a drug test the day of the extreme haunt. From what you see in Haunters and Dark Tourist, it becomes clear how even the pre-gaming phase of the whole thing causes some people to back out before they even step food in the haunt.

McKamey himself is confused about why people want to put themselves through this process. Having never actually done it himself, McKamey is very outspoken on how this is an experience he would never attempt himself.

For those of you who are still wondering what it would be like to win that $20k, information on how to attend McKamey Manor can be found here.

Oh, and before you do make sure to check out the video attached below.

Would you guys try this? Have any of you tried this? Is it worth the 20K? Let us know in the comments section.

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