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‘Madman’ Might Be Getting a Modern Makeover

by Timothy Rawles

Perhaps hoping to get the same volume of success as recent reboots of popular 80s horror films, producer Gary Sales wants to bring that decade’s popular drive-in slasher Madman into the modern age.

Madman doesn’t stray far from the slasher script machine: a deformed killer named Madman Marz is on the loose in the woods dispatching victims in various ways until there is only one left standing.

Horror site Bloody Disgusting got wind of the pitch and reached out to Sales for more details.

He says he’s already written a script and it, “springs from the original campfire tale DNA of the ’80s slasher.”

Sales says the process to get it to the screen is already in motion. As with all films, they need a studio, a production company and a bankroll from people who he says “see the incredible value and potential of Madman as an Icon of Fright and a horror brand that could last another 38 years.”

Sales is adamant the movie is a classic and with each new medium gathers more and more fans. He says the film has followers from all over the world including one Hollywood director currently making a Manson family picture.

“And that includes Quentin Tarantino, who’s always been a champion and great fan of the picture,” Sales explains. “It was his proramming [sic] it at the Alamo Draft House Midnite shows that kept us alive coming into the 21st century.”

As for the story, that has changed a little bit, but not too much. The famous campfire scene is still there. Although he doesn’t say if the foreshadowing campfire ditty will remain.

Sales reveals that the new movie will be more interactive.”Meaning, some of the victims have a chance,” he said. “There’ll be something to root for.”

He adds: “Even before it’s become so popular, I’d been re-writing Madman with a female lead who has to find her courage in the midst of the murder and mayhem of that terrible night.”

Recently sales noticed that Box Office MoJo’s list of 100 Slashers didn’t include Madman so he decided to do something about it.

He wrote on social media, “Madman grosses exceeded a number of movies shown and I’ve sent BoxOfficeMojo the info to correct. When corrected, MADMAN will be around #90 of the TOP 100 SLASHERS in the last 40 years.”

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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