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Servant, Apple TV+’s new series from M. Night Shyamalan is full of the same bizarre natured narrative that you would expect from The Sixth Sense director.

In the Servant trailer, we are introduced to a family who brings in a nanny to care for their infant son, Jericho. As you would expect naming your child Jericho has unforeseen repercussions. Turns out the baby is in fact a creepy doll that husband Sean Turner (Tony Kebbell) is using in order to keep his wife Dorthy (Lauren Ambrose) from finding out their son died, and losing her mind. The creepier part is that Sean seems to have made an arrangement with the nanny (Nell Tiger Free), in order to keep up appearances. To make things stranger, the nanny seems to have sinister intentions of her own.

This 10 episode Servant is exclusive to Apple TV+ and was created by writer, Tony Basgallop (Hotel Oblivion). The first episode drops Nov. 28.

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