The recently redeemed filmmaker of Split M. Night Shyamalan has been commissioned by Apple for a 10-episode commitment on a straight-to-series order.

Tony Basgallop will write what is being called a “psychological thriller” and it will stream through Apple’s digital marketplace.

Shamalayan is no stranger to the small screen, he produced Fox’s Wayward Pines which ran for two seasons.

The 47-year-old director entered the Hollywood limelight with a bang, his The Sixth Sense set his career into overdrive deeming him the filmmaker with a penchant for stylized Twilight Zone twist endings.

But after the success of that film Unbreakable, and to some degree Signs, it seemed he had reached his peak. Subsequent movies such as The Village and Lady in the Water were panned by both critics and movie goers.

A string of box office fails would follow until 2015’s The Visit which seemed to recapture Shyamalan’s magic in both narrative and use of the twist ending.

Finally, he hit his stride once again in 2016’s Split starring James McAvoy who plays a serial kidnapper with several distinct personalities.

As if to drive the point home that he was still in control, Split featured a multi-layered twist-ending which to the layman was cool, but to niche fans was awesome.

The Apple TV-Shyamalan paring seems fitting as both entities try to rebuild their brands.

Shyamalan is currently putting the finishing touches on Glass, a sequel to Split which is scheduled to hit theaters in early January of 2019.

There is no word yet on the title of the Apple series or when it will be available to stream.