M. Night Shyamalan Hoping to Direct “Stranger Things'” Second Season


Rejoice or be wary, but you read correctly! Comicbook.com recently revealed that avowed plot twist prince M. Night Shyamalan has his sights on the sophomore season of our favorite eighties D&D metaphor, Netflix’s Stranger Things. 

There’s neither a yay, nor a nay yet, from The Duffer Brothers (Stranger Things’ conceivers–or “papas,” as Eleven would say) or the cast, as to whether they fear or revel in the thought of being placed into Shyamalan’s hands.


Some may feel as though this could be a natural transition. In season one’s finale, (spoiler alert) the adorably androgynous Eleven unveils the fact that she is “the monster.” (And while I think it’s safe to say not many of us got quite a human vibe from her, per se, we certainly didn’t see her as one of the enemies.) Her evanescence, presumably into the Upside Down, may provide a fair segue for M. Night to enter and endure with the plot twists.

But the initial twist has already wormed its way in: as it turns out, Shyamalan and The Duffer Bros have already since been in cahoots. Albeit not yet in regards to Stranger Things, the partnership instead dwelled in the likes of Wayward Pines–Fox’s novel to small screen thriller, for which Shyamalan has executive produced.


“My boys who do Stranger Things, they did Wayward Pines for me,” M. Night revealed, blowing my mind even beyond the confines of the silver screen. Apparently, this was the brothers’ television debut! They had a low key hand in the show’s freshman season, before going on to fully overtake the modern sci-fi scene as we know it, soon thereafter. “They were ’round my house and I was like, ‘Well, you can hire me back guys!'” Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

The one-man direction, production, writing, and occasional acting team has been celebrated in the past for his work on pieces such as the mind-bending Sixth Sense, and the chilling, genre-relevant Signs. To even the playing field, though, many fans questioned Shyamalan’s creative license, in regards to The Village and The Happening. However, 2015’s The Visit proved to be somewhat of a comeback on M. Night’s rollercoaster of a career–and many of us seem to agree that this Friday’s Split and the upcoming Tales from the Crypt revival look to be rather promising.

So, what do you think? Were the Golden Globes right? Will Barb have been alive in another dimension all along, M. Night willing? Drop your theories, complaints, or squeals of delight in the comments below!

Stranger Things Rap Segment for The Golden Globes


  1. I cannot believe how pussy the fan base is. Congratulations assholes. You just ruined the walking dead. My favorite show ever. Thanks a whole fucking bunch. Message to all the mom’s who were for this dumbass movement: if you don’t want your kids seeing “what is supposed to be” The Walking Dead, not the censored dead, then how about you actually be a parent and tell your kid no. Don’t ruin our pride and joy by being a bitch. You know the true walking dead fans that actually watch the damn show? You people are absolute morons.

  2. I found this film to be Horror-ble. It was a Lifetime movie in Netflix drag. Shame on you Netflix. Stick to something you do well (enough): documentaries and actual movies. As for the “film” in question, it had nothing to offer in any new way – all of its elements: story, acting, writing, production – beyond predictable. Again Netflix: I’m looking at you. Step away from this type of sensationalized genre-du jour content.

  3. What the hell?!? That’s the whole point of the walking dead!! Thanks for ruining the show. Bunch of cry babies. Just change the channel.

  4. Yeah this is why I quit watching after episode 3. When I was watching all I wanted was for them to end. Thanks for ruining a great show snowflakes.

  5. The main problem with the show is not the Violence or gore
    but the pacing is so slow and drag out everything.

  6. Instead of complaining people should just change the channel. I laughed when they tried to get what is an Amazing show,Lucifer, shut down before it even aired. The reason why producers and writers took the show to AMC is because a lesser network said to tone the violence down. What the hell? It wouldn’t have been the success it had been these past 6 seasons had they toned it down. Why did they relent now? And I wonder if the lapse in ratings has to do with the fact that people don’t have cable because the cable company and satellite companies are out of their minds with those ridiculous prices. These writers and producers know what they are doing. This show is a hit. Do what you want. Let the crybabies turn the tv off.

  7. People are use to seeing stuff like a war movie with people being shot, blown up, etc, and they somehow manage to get what looks like a teaspoon of ketchup spilled on them. It wasn’t until the Rambo movie (the one where he is Thailand) that should a hint of what really happens to soldiers. I am not saying taking the violence to the max, but like what was said, it IS a show about The Walking ‘Dead’ and you can’t kill them with love.

  8. Come on. What a bunch of horseshit. People couldn’t handle that the two characters were killed? For almost one year we knew that it was going to be a gruesome and depressing and sad scene, yet they still tuned in. They were probably the ones all over social media having a fucking daily countdown until that episode premiered.
    I love the people that talk about how traumatized their young children were. Are you shitting me? Come on. Like I said above everybody knew this was going to be some serious stuff going down during that first episode. So if you’re letting young children watch the television show especially that episode – then you get what you get don’t blame the television show.
    Not Trying to be funny but why don’t you head down to your local slaughterhouse and see what they do to that cow you’re eating on your plate for dinner. Or that chicken or that turkey. That’s a gruesome shit show right there – not The Walking Dead

  9. Thank you thank you and thank you again. It was not the violence it was the first five or six episodes were so slow. I understand they were trying to introduce a shit ton of new characters and environments and blend them into the show but damn it took forever to get it done

  10. brutal murders, blood guts and total gore for 6 years straight. But Glenn’s eye pops out of his head and everyone loses their shit. You softies need to move on to Z Nation and iZombie. Go stomach that fluff if you can’t handle realism.

  11. They think they’re gonna get viewers back this way but are probably gonna be no up losing even more viewers than before if they take too much violence out. They’re about to go to war with the Saviors. If anything, the violence should be amped up, given that outside of the premiere, the season hasn’t actually been all that violent. They’re pandering to the wrong side here.

  12. WTF? Obama has NOTHING to do with The Walking Dead. Get your shit together and read the article. IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY! People complained, stopped watching, viewership drops and ratings drop, ratings drop and revenue drops because you can’t charge as much for commercial time; you may also lose advertising clients and trying to sell when you don’t have viewership is a very difficult job indeed. Lesson: READ FIRST then make a considered statement.

  13. They weren’t mad about the violence, they were butt-hurt that said violence was perpetrated against their favorite characters. I’m so over this show and its creators. My response would have been “It’s a show about a zombie apocalypse, in a world devoid of moral standards or rule of law, what do you expect?”… So tired of people asking for Horror that is not really Horror. Doesn’t matter though, imho the show started sucking the moment they set foot in Alexandria. So sick of watching a Soap Opera with occasional zombies. Pass.

    Capitulation to censorship infuriates me. If you don’t like it, change the damned channel and stop ruining it for the rest of us.

  14. Yeah… Ratings suffered because of the violence, wait till they see the ratings drop now that they’ll be pulling punches. Bonehead move.

  15. You’re a special kind of idiot, John was joking clearly. Perhaps you should read and ‘comprehend’ first.

  16. I don’t think the violence caused the drop in ratings, it was killing Glen. Thousands of people literally said “If you kill Glen, I’m done with this show”. The show has been violent from the get go, you really think people suddenly became sensitive to it? Stomach torn open, anyone?

  17. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Simple. I’m a huge fan of that simple concept. However, I’m going to watch a couple of episodes before I pass judgement on whether or not I feel that the show is harmed, or improved.

  18. Loads of bullshit. It’s been violent from the start. People are being such pussys since Abraham and glenn died but so what

  19. If some people are calling it “torture porn” because of what Negan did to Abraham and Glenn, I can’t imagine the outrage if they had gone with the Governor/ Misconception storyline the way it was depicted in the graphic novel.

    Now if these people want their kids(even though it’s not meant for kids) to watch it, either deal with the violence or wathe the syndicated tamed version of the show.

  20. I bet the ones complaining weren’t TWD fans at all. More like prudes who get offended and love to censor shit they don’t watch.

  21. The violence doesn’t bother me even though I admit to being surprised once or twice by something that’s been a bit gory. I just think TWD has gone stale. In the days when the characters were coming together and moving from place to place trying to avoid the dead there was a sense of drama. Now they always seem holed up in one residence or another and each episode has become so drawn out its almost boring.


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