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‘Lucifer’ Tops the Streaming Charts on the Nielsen Rankings

by Waylon Jordan

Lucifer topped the Nielsen Rankings for streaming minutes last month logging almost 1.6 billion streaming minutes in the week of August 17-23 according to Deadline.

Someone should probably check with Fox and see if they’re okay.

The network canceled the series unexpectedly at the end of its third season much to the chagrin of “Lucifans” around the world who signed petitions and let their voices be heard online until Netflix swooped in to acquire the property.

Since then, the streaming platform has produced two additional seasons. They intended to end the show on a high note with an extended fifth season but after a series of negotiations have now decided to make a sixth and reportedly final season of the series.

Lucifer is based on Neil Gaiman’s vision of the storied Prince of Darkness (Tom Ellis) who, bored with his job in Hell, escapes to Los Angeles where he opens a flashy nightclub and spends his days making deals and being the sexy beast that he is. After a murder takes place outside his club, he becomes fascinated with Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) and soon schmoozes his way into consulting with the police department so that he can be near her.

Tom Ellis as the titular Prince of Hell, Lucifer.

Since that time, Lucifer and Chloe have seen their fair share of ups and downs with a will they/won’t they premise as to whether the two would end up a couple.

In addition, the series has sported an impressive and eccentric cast of supporting characters including Lucifer’s angelic brother Amenadiel, demonic bartender turned bounty hunter Mazikeen, the Queen of Heaven, Biblical murderer Cain, God, Eve (yes, that Eve), the world’s most open minded therapist named Linda, Detective Douche (if you know, you know), and everyone’s favorite bubbly forensics expert Ella Lopez.

The show is a hell of a good time, and we’ll be interested in seeing just how its final act plays out.

Have you been keeping up with Lucifer? Do these numbers surprise you? Let us know what you think below!

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