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Lovecraft Inspired Movies To Bring A little Insanity Into Your Life

by Justin Eckert

H.P. Lovecraft is kind of a big deal among horror fans. His collection of short stories as well as his arguably his most famous work, The Call of Cthulhu, have influenced many horror projects through the years. From big name directors, to independent film makers, and even the occasional home movie, Lovecraft’s fiction has a special charm to it, that truly resonates with horror fans across the globe.

So today let’s celebrate a much beloved author whose work has stood the test of time, and endured insanity itself. Here is a list of 5 films inspired by Lovecraft that are guaranteed to bring just a little insanity into your life.


Let’s start things off right with a film adaption of one of Lovecraft’s most well-known stories. Sharing the same name as the titular story, Dagon. Those of you who have watched Dagon however, are sure to notice that the film adaption’s plot is more of an adaption of The Shadow Over Innsmouth. In fact, the only callbacks to the short story, is the existence of the ancient fish god taking control over the town with its monstrous offspring.

Image Credit: Dagon (2001)

While the title may be slightly deceiving, and the movie is beginning to show its age, Dagon is still worth a watch for fans of body horror and Lovecraft alike.

In the Mouth of Madness

In the Mouth of Madness is a criminally underrated movie directed by none other than John Carpenter himself. Everything about this movie oozes with Lovecraft themes while still retaining Carpenter’s style for directing. The plot follows an insurance investigator as he is tasked with tracking down Sutter Cane, a popular horror author, who has mysteriously disappeared.

Image Credit: In the Mouth of Madness

As the plot progresses it is revealed that Sutter Cane may be more than just a man, and ultimately ends with a climax straight out of a Lovecraft novella. In the Mouth of Madness deserves a second chance and any fan of Lovecraft or Carpenter owe it to themselves to give this one a try.

The Thing

While on the subject of Carpenter let’s look at one of his best-known works seconded only by Halloween. The Thing follows a group of researchers deep in Antarctica, as their ranks are infiltrated by an alien life-form capable of assimilating and perfectly copying any living organism it comes in contact with.

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Image Credit: The Thing (1982)

There are no praises that can be sang high enough for The Thing, it is a masterpiece of psychological and body horror. To detail the plot any further would spoil the magic of the experience of a first time-viewing. The Thing is truly a work of art that was heavily inspired by Lovecraft’s work and is an experience that any horror fan owes it to themselves to have.

The Void

The Void is still a fairly new film, but it absolutely deserves a place on this list for being one of the best Lovecraft inspired films. The plot is simple, a group of people trapped in a hospital by an unknown cult, as well as hideously mutated monsters wreaking havoc inside the hospital.

Image Credit: The Void

The monster effects are as grotesque as they are phenomenal, The Void has some truly disturbing monster designs on display and isn’t afraid to show off its macabre style. If you consider yourself a fan of Lovecraft, or love some great monster makeup effects, then check out the film. You will not be disappointed. Also, be sure to check out our review here.


One of the-top rated horror comedies also happens to be based off the novella Herbert West Re-animator. The film follows a young Herbert West as he tries to perfect his formula that will allow him to bring the dead back to life. It can be cheesy at times, but the gore and great make-up effects help to keep the movie interesting and entertaining.

Re-Animator - Jeffrey Combs as Herbert West

Image Credit: Re-Animator

While it’s not a zombie flick by the standard definition, the dead that are raised add to the comedy aspects of the film. Do yourself a favor and check this one out. There is a reason it became a cult classic after all, even at its slowest moments Re-Animator is a damn good time.


What are your favorite Lovecraft story or Lovecraft inspired film? Drop a name in the comments below and let’s see which of Lovecraft’s works has resonated the most with the horror community.


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