Mandy, starring Nicholas Cage, appears to be nothing short of a critical hit this season, and one of the most beloved parts of this bizarre film is the Cheddar Goblin commercial that plays during the film. And how lucky we are to live in an age with so many talented people bringing all of our favorite horror movies to life – because now you can wear a Cheddar Goblin mask!

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Legion M and Silver Scream FX Lab are to thank for this beautifully grotesque piece of bizarre horror come to life. In an effort to make the mask as close to the film as possible, the eyes and mouth have been sculpted in, so it’s not ideal to wear as an actual mask and is better suited out of the box for display use.

But wait! It’s actually encouraged for you to cut the eyes out if you’d like to wear it. Why not? Live a little. Buy two and use one for a display piece and one for a costume piece.

Act quick, because there are only 50 being made.

From Legion M’s website:

“This MANDY Signature Edition Cheddar Goblin Mask was sculpted by Shane Morton and cast molded by Kevin Meaux at Silver Scream FX Lab, exactly like the beloved Cheddar Goblin from the film. Each handcrafted mask is a one of a kind work of art, sculpted, molded, cast in ghoulish green latex rubber, airbrushed and then hand painted by the original fabricators.

Only 50 will be produced in this deluxe Signature Edition that includes a Certificate of Authenticity signed by director Panos Cosmatos, sculptor/designer Shane Morton, and creator Casper Kelly.

Silver Scream FX Lab is not a mask factory, so this is a once in a lifetime chance to get your own movie quality prop, made by famed special effects artists with the care and attention to detail that they are renowned for. Because each mask is hand poured and painted, there will be minor differences in each piece, truly making each one an original. They are made without eye and nose holes cut into them for better display, but can be easily modified and worn as a full over the head mask at Halloween parties, Comic Cons, Horror Conventions or All You Can Eat Macaroni and Cheese Buffets!