Louisiana Mortuary Springs a Bloody Leak

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A ghastly sight was witnessed outside a mortuary in Baton Rouge on Thursday, September 14, 2017, as blood seeped from a lawn and into the street reports WBRZ.

Images taken at the scene of the Greenoaks Funeral Home on Florida Boulevard show the mess which is believed to be caused by a leak in a valve from behind the building.

A city official says the substance is a mixture of blood and Formaldehyde.

“We sent out both our sewer inspector and our environmental specialists to take a look. We determined that it wasn’t a sewer issue and that it was an issue on private property,” Adam Smith with the City of Baton Rouge Department of Environmental Services said.

The tank, according to the report, holds excess embalming fluid and began to leak because of a stoppage in the line around 2 pm.

It also says the issue is on private property so the leakage will not run into the city sewer system.

WATCH: Blood was seen leaking out of the ground behind a local funeral home. A city official says the situation is now under control.STORY: http://www.wbrz.com/news/photos-show-blood-leaking-from-ground-behind-baton-rouge-funeral-home

Posted by WBRZ Channel 2 on Thursday, September 14, 2017

The City says the business is under new management and did not have a permit.

“We’ve been really concentrating on restaurants lately, so we haven’t been looking into the funeral homes. But we’re going to go ahead and get them signed up for a permit tomorrow,” Smith said.

The blood mixture had been leaking for about 20 minutes until the owner got it under control.

WBRZ reached out for a comment by Greenoaks Funeral Home, but as per their report published on Thursday, they have yet to respond.

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