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Here at iHorror, we’re big fans of Joel Schumacher’s 1987 horror/comedy classic The Lost Boys, and really, why wouldn’t we be? The 80’s is one of the all-time great decades for horror, and it’s hard to get more quintessentially 80’s than The Lost Boys.

Full of awesome practical gore effects, rocking music, the best in 80’s fashions, and the world’s most well-known shirtless saxophone player, The Lost Boys is a non-stop good time. As the tagline says, sleep all day, party all night, it’s fun to be a vampire.

Well, it turns out there’s a cool new collectible coming for Lost Boys fans, in the form of the new book Lost in the Shadows: The Story of The Lost Boys.

Penned by author Paul Davis, Lost in the Shadows is a 200-page, all-color, hardback book chronicling the making of the 1987 classic. Check out the full press blurb below:

The Lost Boys - Lost in the Shadows temporary book cover

LOST IN THE SHADOWS delves into the complete history of the film, from its inception as a Peter Pan-inspired kids’ adventure film right through to its enduring 30-year legacy. Featuring brand new interviews with the cast and crew (including Kiefer Sutherland, Joel Schumacher, Corey Feldman, Alex Winter, Michael Chapman, Jamison Newlander, Billy Wirth, and Richard Donner) and over 200 behind-the-scenes images, this book serves as the ultimate chronicle to one of the most beloved monster movies of the 80s.”

Davis previously penned Beware the Moon, a similar book looking at the making of John Landis’ 1981 werewolf opus An American Werewolf in London. Lost in the Shadows comes out in August 2017.

The book is a limited edition item, and only 1,000 copies will be sold. Still, it sounds like a really cool thing to have, assuming one loves The Lost Boys.