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Loomis Could Have Been Female if Mike Flanagan Rebooted ‘Halloween’

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When Blumhouse decided to reboot the Halloween franchise, the production team wondered how they could possibly reinvent the series. Doctor Sleep and Hush director Mike Flanagan says that Jason Blum reached out to him and asked his thoughts on the matter.

In an interview with Bloody Disgusting, the director divulged more.

“Jason Blum called me once and asked me that … I tried to come up with a take for a minute when Blumhouse got Halloween.”

But ultimately, by his own words, Flanagan just wasn’t up to it.

“The answer to that is, I would do Hush. In a lot of ways, Hush is my Halloween.”

It would seem that he really struggled to come up with ideas, being that Flanagan feels that he already made his version of Halloween when he released the sleeper hit Hush.

“I found my notes for that very brief period of time when I was trying to come up with a take on Halloween because Jason had said, ‘Hey, if you want to do this we can probably figure something out. I’m glad that I didn’t and so glad it did not come to me because the only note that I had scribbled over three days of brainstorming was ‘Dr. Loomis a woman?’ That’s as far as I got on Halloween.”

“They made the right call in not trusting the franchise to me … In a lot of ways, Hush was my riff on the beautiful, simplicity, silence, tension, suspense that Halloween is. All of my love for [original director John] Carpenter’s film is poured into that.”

Ultimately, it would seem that this was all for the best. Mike Flanagan seems like a director who isn’t in it just for the paycheck, and if his heart wasn’t into it, then there’s nothing more that could be done about it.

Hush is an amazing film, and I’m going to see it in a different light during the next rewatch.