London has once again been host to another marketing stunt, this time for the new HBO TV series Westworld soon to launch on Sky Atlantic on Tuesday 4th October at 9pm UK time.  This time it’s not creepy dolls however (Click to read), it’s a tribe of humanoid robots walking the streets of Westminster and riding the underground. Well, I say robots they are obviously people in body paint looking a bit distant and subdued. Check it out.


The idea behind the stunt (other than the media giants wanting people to watch their channel) is to make the general public consider life with robots walking among us. Apparently, within the next twenty to thirty years this is completely plausible and they may even replace the roles of bartenders or carers. Hell, we have already seen them as taxi drivers.

Jonny Cab from Total Recall

But on a serious note, how comfortable are we with the idea that robots will be used to replace us? Also should they be made to look like you and me? Or should they be obvious robots like in the Steve Guttenburg 1986 classic Short Circuit? This is what the following short clip questions, but in my opinion we should be asking… are they walking among us already?