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Loftus Hall, Ireland’s Most Haunted Manor, is Up for Sale

by Waylon Jordan

Loftus Hall, a gorgeous Georgian manor house in County Wexford, Ireland, has been placed on the market for sale. Buyers be warned, however, you will have more than 22 bedrooms and sprawling grounds to tend. Some say, the Devil, himself, once took up residence, and it has been haunted ever since.

Though some mark its historic beginnings in 1170, that first building was replaced in 1350 during the time of the Black Death and named Redmond Hall. Later, in the 17th century, during the Irish Confederate Wars, the hall was attacked by soldiers loyal to Charles I. It would come under fire a handful more times throughout the conflict and within 40 years, the Redmond Family were dispossessed by the Loftus Family and the Hall was renamed.

It was not until the 18th century that the home began to earn its haunting reputation, however.

In the late 1700s, Charles Tottenham became the Lord of Loftus Hall after taking on the name of his wife, Anne Loftus upon their marriage. Together, they had six children, including a daughter named Anne for her mother. After his wife died, Charles married a second wife–his cousin Jane–and they lived together in the Hall for the remainder of their lives.

One night, when the daughter Anne was older, a ship arrived bearing a handsome man who the family invited to stay with them. The young man and Anne grew close during his stay until a fateful card game changed the young woman’s life forever.

During the game, Anne reportedly bent down to pick up a card that had fallen to the floor when under the table, she saw that the man had a cloven hoof for a foot. She sat up, startled, with fear in her eyes and immediately called out the man. With a wicked grin, he was said to have flown straight up out of his chair and out of the roof of the house, leaving a large hole in his wake.

The grand staircase of Loftus Hall was restored by its most recent owners.

Shortly thereafter, Anne became mentally ill and the family locked her away in her favorite room in the house where she sat night and day, refusing food, with her knees drawn up under her chin, looking out the window for the man to return. Anne soon died, but she had sat in that position for so long that the family was unable to straighten out her body after death and so she was buried with her knees drawn up to her chest.

Though her body was taken away, Anne’s spirit has reportedly wandered the halls of the building ever since.

Later in the 19th century, when the building was under repairs, the remains of an infant were recovered from the wall of that very room where Anne was sequestered by her family. It is theorized that Anne had a dalliance with the young, handsome man and was locked away when her family learned she was pregnant. It is theorized that she gave birth in that room but let the baby die in her illness and she soon followed the infant in death.

Either way, it is widely believed that it is Anne who primarily haunts Loftus Hall, though visitors have reported the appearance of numerous spirits standing in the windows and roaming the halls at night. The claims have been so frequent that Loftus Hall has become known as the most haunted manor house in Ireland.

And now, you can own it for the bargain price of only $2.87 million, but you’ll have your work cut out for you. The 27,000 square foot building and its 63 acres are in need of serious attention. According to All That’s Interesting, replacing the 97 windows in the home will cost at least $400,000.

Regardless, it would be amazing to be able to roam these building and grounds at will and to possibly discover the secrets of Loftus Hall. For more information on the home, email the current own at [email protected]

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