‘Little Monsters’ Coming to The Vestron Video Blu-Ray Collection

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The Vestron Video Collection already has a great catalogue of titles. Warlock, Waxwork, Blood Diner and many others have received great looking releases with impressive special features to match. This fall, Liongate’s Vestron Video adds the Howie Mandel and Fred Savage spooky kid classic, Little Monsters to its roster.

The synopsis for Little Monsters goes like this:

Brian (Fred Savage) isn’t scared of the monster living under the bed. On the contrary, when he gets to know the wild-eyed boogeyman, Maurice (Howie Mandel), the pair become fast friends. During the night, Maurice takes his young charge into the netherworld of monsters, where they have a great time making mischief in the lives of sleeping children. But Brian’s opinion of Maurice and his freewheeling lifestyle changes when he discovers that he himself is turning into a monster.


This title was one that I wore out on VHS as a kid. Little Monsters had one toe steeped in kid friendly fair and the other firmly placed in actual horror. The whole thing is a blast, but I remember it scaring the absolute shit out of me the first time around.

Director, Richard Greenberg knew how to have a blast in this particular sandbox. Greenberg also directed the Tales From the Crypt episode titled The Sacrifice. A define memorable episode in which a love triangle between an insurance salesman, a billionaire and his wife get into some murdery blackmail dealings.

While there has been no official release date just yet, we are hopeful for a big fall release. Hopefully, we can watch this in cool October weather while drinking a warm cider. We will let you know when it goes up for pre-order and special features detail when we know more.

How many of you were fans of Little Monsters growing up? Let us know in the comments section.


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