You Can Customize a Head in Jar With These Little Jars of Horror!

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Written by Patti Pauley

Ever thought about ripping thine enemies’ head off their pompous little body and having it ferment in a glass jar proudly on display in your work office?

Or is that just me and my twisted thoughts rambling away in my noggin? Ok, I’ll step back a little…

Anywho, in the case you’re just as sick in the head as me, that dream of owning someone you really despise head in a glass jar can now come true. OK, so it’s not a real head of course but we can always play pretend, can’t we!

The fine folks over at Little Jars of Horror love Halloween, pop culture, and scary decor and decided to infuse the passions into a little online shop that first began as a booth at Scare LA. The website offers custom creations of spooky heads in jars that stand at 11 inches. Whether it’s your own head, a gift for a loved one, or as stated, a fantasy in suspended head form of someone you loathe entirely, Little Jars of Horror can make it happen.

The company also offers ready-made heads in jars for your immediate enjoyment to place in your wonderful home of horrors that channels Halloween 365 days out of the year. From creepy clowns, zombies, demons, and of course horrifying politicians, the detailed jars are certainly something interesting to own and if anything, makes for a great conversation piece. Or, could also serve as a guest repellent when you don’t feel like company. Either way, it serves a purpose!

If you ‘d like to customize your own piece of horror memorabilia, follow the steps of the process of creating something unique that no one else would surely own in your neighborhood by clicking here!

All images courtesy of Little Jars of Horror

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