Review: ‘Little Dead Riding Hood’ A Frighteningly Fun Fairy Tale Book

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Grimm’s various fairy tales have been adapted and translated into a variety of forms across so many different mediums. Some rooted in the original’s… grim tone and style, while others opting for more lighter and child friendly fare. Now we have a gory cartoonish version that veers straight into splatstick comedy territory with Little Dead Riding Hood!

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The book was written and drawn by Two-time Academy Award-winner Bill Kopp. His numerous credits include co-creating and voicing the titular character of Fox Kids TV series Eek! The Cat, the cartoon segments of Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer, and the final episode of Tales From The Crypt: The Third Pig which he wrote and co-directed. Little Dead Riding Hood sharing a similar style and content as that infamous fable finale. And told entirely in rhyme! If you’re a fan of that particular Tales episode, this storybook is for you.

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The plot follows a nasty, voracious Wolf as he stalks the forest for some easy prey to devour to try and sate his endless hunger. Soon encountering a rather naive Little Red Riding Hood and offering to accompany her to grandma’s house for a birthday party… only to guide her into his bloodthirsty jaws instead! Despite the usual story taking a downer turn, it’s not the end. As the Wolf soon finds himself haunted by his misdeeds and ghosts from his past out for a brutal revenge against the big bad beast!

Little Dead Riding Hood is a fun twist on an old classic. The main highlight being the various illustrations by Kopp which range from cartoonishly sweet and fantastical to absurdly gory and bloody! Featuring the Wolf biting his way through his Red Riding Hood dinner and stalked by his supernatural comeuppance.

It’s an interesting mix that emphasizes the horror comedy core of the book. The Wolf isn’t just an animal, but a homicidal, sociopathic killing machine. And a hungry one at that. His is the narrative we follow and includes such rhymes as “His sharp teeth could cut with amazing precision. He could even eat YOU, if that was his decision.” The climax evocative of EC Comics of old and the previously stated ‘Third Pig’ tale as the Wolf gets his just desserts, with the book standing out on its own.

Little Dead Riding Hood is an entertaining read with fantastical illustrations and well worth checking out if you fancy your fairy tales with a heaping dose of ultra violence and bloody hilarious rhymes. The book is available on Bill Kopp’s website along with information on convention appearances (Including this weekend’s upcoming Long Beach Comic-Con) and additional info.

Image via Bill Kopp Animation


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