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The second part of our top 20 of the ‘maddest’ characters in Mad Max continues. Check out the list of the most memorable people from the world of Mad Max rated from insane to straight up mad.


10. The People Eater (John Howard) The man with pierced nipples and a nose that was eaten away long ago from the gas fumes from his home in Gastown has an affinity toward the dramatic and sadistic. His favorite thing on any menu besides gasoline is built right into his name.


9. Master Blaster (Angelo Rossitto and Paul Larsson) –  These two guys are the actual heart of Bartertown in “Beyond Thunderdome.” Without them there would be no power or gas. Master (the brains) formulated a way to extract fuel from the methane in pig shit and holds his power over Bartertown and Aunty Entity every chance he gets. Blaster (the muscle) makes sure that nobody can hurt his little friend. Blaster is a hulking 9 foot simpleton that is able to snap necks like chicken bones. The only thing Master Blaster cares about is power and the ability to show that power through idealism or violence and sometimes a careful meshing of the two.


8. Toecutter (Hugh Keays-Byrne) – The leader of the band of motorcycle riding marauders. Toecutter and his gang go around the outback wreaking havoc on anything that gets in their way. Murder, rape and methodical mind games are his style. When the cops disrespect his gang he goes out on a personal mission to hurt and bury everyone responsible. Him taking the lives of Max’s friend Jim Goose and running down his wife and child is solely responsible for the birth of Mad Max. Oh also, ladies might want to hide their ice cream he has an affinity to licking other peoples cones.


7. The War Boys – These guys are the bones of citadel in “Fury Road.” Not only is their entire half-life built around “doing war,” but they have long given up drinking water (Aqua Cola) to instead concentrate on blood bag donors to help elongate their short lives and focus on dying with a mouth full of silver paint to enter Valhalla all shiny and chrome.


6. The Doof Warrior (Iota) The mad bastard that we have come to love and know as the guitar guy in “Fury Road” is the stuff of genius. Obviously since war drums by themselves wouldn’t make enough noise to match the cavalcade of roaring engines that make up the pursuit party, we have The Doof Warrior cranking out shredding riffs on a guitar that double’s as a weapon and has a damned flame thrower built in.


5. Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) – Furiosa, much like Max lost everything she cared about. She was taken from her home at a young age and has spent her life imprisoned but managed to take a position as an “Imperator,” leading the Warboys and earning her place behind the wheel of the coveted War Rig. She worked her way up the chain of command for years to gain enough leverage to take Immortan Joe’s only prized possession. Crossing Immortan Joe makes her one of the maddest in the wasteland.


4. Lord Humungus (Kjell Nilsson) The damned “Ayatollah of rock ‘n’ rolla!” This guy one-upped Jason Voorhees’s hockey mask by instead wearing a badass hockey mask made of steel. This giant leads the marauders in “The Road Warrior” and is the source of all Max’s problems. When this guy makes deals look for the devil in the details, especially when offered a deal where you can “just walk away.” He believes in bondage, torture and anything on the same line as brutality. His deformities from the fallout are to blame for his choice to wear a mask. Take a peek inside the box where The Humungus keeps his .44 magnum for some quick glances at what his history might have been like.


3. Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne) – The boss man and deity in Citadel. This guy is a warlord who runs things in the area. Bulletfarm and Gastown take orders from this him. When not making war he forcibly makes babies with mothers taken from their homes who are forced to carry his future warlords. At the snap of his finger he can have a war party assembled and ready for whatever things he sees fit.With the War Boys, Bulletfarm and Gastown behind him he is a dangerous presence in the wasteland.


2. Mad Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson/Tom Hardy) In a world that was falling apart, Max also managed to lose his wife, his baby, his friend and his sanity. There is no destination or hope for Max. He travels the wasteland strictly for survival. He encounters people and reluctantly helps them to one day hopefully reach some sort of catharsis. Max may be the reluctant “hero” but with nothing to lose and nothing to gain he is one of the maddest in the world. Oh, and he eats dog food and two headed geckos.


1. George Miller – Director, Miller created an entire world with its very own mythos. Each of his characters is stuff only people who dream with fevers could invent. His balls-to-the-walls filmmaking, usage of stunts, and uncompromising vision has made him one of the most influential filmmakers over the past three decades. His long shooting schedules, methodical attention to detail in action and unique vision of an post apocalyptic hell make him the maddest bastard of them all!