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After a seven year hiatus, last fall saw the Saw franchise make its grand return to theaters with Jigsaw, the eighth film in the storied series.

While many Saw fans ended up disappointed by what Jigsaw brought to the table – personally, I had mixed feelings, neither hating or loving it – the film was a big success financially, making over $100 million on a $10 million budget.

As longtime horror fans are well aware, if a fright franchise makes money, it will never truly die for good. That seems to the case for Saw as well, with Bloody Disgusting reporting that Lionsgate is having conversations about making another sequel.

The report had little other info to share on a potential Saw 9, outside of talks being in the early stages still, and Jigsaw directors Peter and Michael Spierig not being asked back to direct the follow-up.

I’m of two minds about this one. On one side, I have a ton of affection for the Saw series, and would surely keep going to see them as long as they keep being made.

On the other side of the fence, Jigsaw was really bland overall, and didn’t really offer anything that prior films hadn’t already delivered. If Saw 9 does indeed end up being made, here’s hoping the writers get more creative with John Kramer’s posthumous games.

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