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Lionsgate Announces ‘Blair Witch’ TV Project

by Sam Angelo
Blair Witch tv

It is not contested that the horror industry is riddled with trend setters that have brought about sub-genres that paved the way for many literary and cinematic titles that we hold near and dear to our (possibly dark) hearts to this day.

However, when most think of the history of horror “mockumentary,” it is a given that nearly everyone remembers that iconic scene with half of Heather Donahue’s terrified, tear drenched, snot running face in The Blair Witch Project; emulating raw, primal panic as her, Josh, and Mike are stalked in the woods by something locals recognize as pure evil.

The Blair Witch Project  was not only known for it’s innovative filming that served as a horror milestone, but the marketing post-release and, as mentioned, the plethora of films inspired by it: REC, Quarantine, Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity, and etc.

Attempts to recreate this sense of “raw”-caught on footage dread within The Blair Witch Project “universe” has been attempted with two sequels, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000) which abandoned the mockumentary style of filming, and the recent Blair Witch (2016) film, both of which were ultimately not as well received by fans of the first film.

There is a comic series/graphic novel The Blair Witch Chronicles of anthologies depicting a detailed build up to the events within the Blair Witch “universe,” as well as the Curse of the Blair Witch TV short (1999) and Shadow of the Blair Witch (2000).

While the dust has still yet to settle from the previous installment of the Blair Witch series, Lionsgate has announced a team up between their very own Studio L and Blair Witch Project’s creators (Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez) to make TV series based on The Blair Witch Project, initially reported by Deadline. A year prior, Sanchez had mentioned that he felt that a show was destined for the series–which can be heard of the Diminishing Returns podcast–and now we may just get a “true” successor to the first film in a spaced out series.

It would seem that Sanchez and Myrick may reach out to Jen Van Meter (writer) and Jamie S. Rich (editor in chief) for influence from The Blair Witch Chronicles, making the series a collection of origin episodes surrounding the legend of the Blair Witch.

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