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Deadline confirmed this week that Lilton Stewart III is directing a new film based on the MOMO Challenge titled GETAWAY.

The film takes place as a group of teens gather for one last summer vacation before starting college in the fall. As they set out to scare each other with scary stories, one relates the tale of MOMO, the spirit of a bird-like woman who taunts her victims and instructs them to commit violent acts via text messages and phone calls.

What starts out as a laugh soon turns deadly as the teens begin to disappear and they must fight for survival against the terrifying spirit.

The MOMO Challenge had some parents panicking earlier this year before it was finally revealed to be an internet hoax, but that didn’t make the image of MOMO any less potent.

GETAWAY is, if anything, an inevitable extension of that collective fear. After all, there are few things more unsettling than reading “Based on True Events” in front of a horror film, even when we know just how loose those “facts” might be.

MacCallister Byrd (Strange Angel), Georgie Storm Waite (Psycho Stripper), Alex Brown, and Bobby Burkich (Golden Boy) are set to star in the film.

GETAWAY is set for release October 2019.

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