Many horror fans are quickly becoming familiar with the name Jessica Cameron, the scream queen that wrote, directed, and starred in the 2013 horror film, Truth or Dare. This weekend, a teaser trailer dropped for one of her next starring roles, Lilith, a collaboration by British actor and producer Mem Ferda and Cameron’s own company Small Town Girl Productions.

The cast and crew for Lilith contains a lot of names that are gaining fame (or notoriety, considering the genre). Cameron herself is known for Truth or Dare (2013), and Mania (2015), both of which won almost two dozen awards between them. Also working on Lilith is Carlo Mendez (Parks and Recreation, The Bay), Ryan Kiser (Truth or Dare, House of Manson) and Tristan Risk (American Mary, ABC’s of Death 2).

Fans of horror are likely to recognize the movie’s namesake, an ancient Mesopotamian demon or goddess associated with sickness, wind, and death, and the movie certainly doesn’t look like it’s going to dispute any of those things.

Heidi and Steve Richmond (Cameron and Mendez, respectively) are workaholics, whose habits have taken a heavy toll on their marriage. They decide to take a break from the daily grind to work on their relationship by taking an RV trip across the country, an idea that works until they stop and pick up a young woman by the name of Lily. After that, their journey turns into a nightmare of violence and depravity.

The film is currently in post-production, with a scheduled release date for next year. Mem Ferda certainly seems to be excited about the movie, saying:

“Hard core horror fans who loved our award winning feature ‘Truth or Dare’ will love ‘Lilith’ which is quite different and unique, featuring some of the best in indie horror talent.”

In the meantime, we can enjoy the teaser for a taste of the violence to come.