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‘Lifechanger’ Premieres at Fantasia in July

by David N. Grove

The shape-shifting horror-thriller film Lifechanger will have its world premiere at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival on July 20.  Lifechanger, which was written and directed by Justin McConnell, will have its international premiere at London’s Frightfest on August 25.

Lifechanger (watch trailer here) tells the story of a murderous shape-shifter who embarks on a blood-soaked mission to make things right with the woman he loves.  “I’d call it a twisted serial killer film that also happens to be a love story,” says McConnell of the finished film.  “It’s full of effects set-pieces that should please the horror crowd.”

Since McConnell finished filming Lifechanger in Toronto, the film has evolved considerably during the post-production process.  “The shooting script was eighty-nine pages long, but then we went to post, and my first cut of the film came in at 118 minutes,” says McConnell.  “That’s the ‘everything except the kitchen sink’ version of the film.  Gradually, from that point, we tested the film, and we sent it out to the various distributors and partners, as well as other people we trusted, and we received opinions from about fifty people overall.  From there, we whittled the cut down to the eighty-four minute version that is going to be shown at Fantasia and Frightfest.”

Uncork’d Entertaiment will handle the American distribution for Lifechanger, while distributor Raven Banner will release the film in Canada and represent the film internationally.  “We had North American distribution from day one, before we shot a frame,” says McConnell.  “We’ve sold some other overseas territories already that I can’t talk about yet.  If there is a theatrical release, it will be limited and at the end of the year, close to Christmas.  The film itself takes place over Christmas.”

Lifechanger stars Lora Burke, Jack Foley, Sam James White, Steve Kasan, and Bill Oberst.  Still images from Lifechanger can be found here.


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