Life Imitates Horror as Passenger Bus Fills with Buckets of ‘Blood’

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What would you do if you were riding the bus to work when suddenly torrents of blood began streaming from above? It’s a situation you’d assume that you would never actually find yourself in, unless of course you starred in a horror film, but life just imitated art over in Canada.

As reported by the Daily Mail, passengers on a bus in Vancouver the other day were horrified to witness that very sight, urging the driver to pull over and figure out what the hell was going on. From out of nowhere, a blood-like fluid began dripping down the walls and onto the floor, like a scene straight out of The Amityville Horror.

The red liquid collected in a large pool on the floor of the bus, and the walls were literally covered in the mysterious liquid. As you’ll see in a video filmed by one of the passengers, the ooze has the exact color of blood, and everyone was justifiably freaked out about the situation.

It’s a horror show,” said one passenger, while another joked that the bus might be in need of an exorcism.

Of course, it turned out that the red stuff wasn’t actually blood but rather hydraulic fluid, which is non-toxic and non-flammable. All passengers were quickly let off the bus, and thankfully the leak did not harm any of them. The vehicle resumed operation after a two-hour repair.

Blood Bus… now there’s a horror movie I’d pay to see!

[youtube id=”mkphZD9jolk”]
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