Life Imitates Art as Dawn of the Dead Mall Becomes a Bloody Battlefield

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Way back in 1978, George A. Romero used zombies as a scathing social commentary on consumerism with Dawn of the Dead, which of course took place inside the confines of a shopping mall. The film is perhaps more relevant today than it ever was, as stories about shopping trips turned deadly have become a frightening norm, in our culture.

In a life-imitates-art situation, the very mall that Dawn of the Dead was filmed in became a bloody battlefield this past weekend, serving to highlight the fact that Dawn of the Dead was very much ahead of its time. CBS reports that a massive fight broke out in Pittsburgh’s Monroeville Mall on Friday, at least two people being carted off in an ambulance.

Eyewitnesses described the scene as complete chaos, with multiple fights breaking out around 8pm on Friday night. The fight allegedly started with two teenage girls and then grew from there, the melee becoming so massive that the mall was briefly shut down.

All of the sudden there was all this commotion. And there were… you just heard like a stampede and a bunch of people screaming and yelling and then all of the people that worked at the store came running to the front of the store and shut all the doors and locked you in until the police came,” said one witness. “And then there were all kinds of police and they had riot gear on.”

The fights were spread out across the entire mall, and store employees had to be escorted out of the building by police. You’ll find some footage of the madness below, which looks like a scene ripped straight out of Dawn of the Dead.

Nothing like the holidays to bring out the best in people, eh?

[youtube id=”aZOuKiK4bzQ”]

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