Though I absolutely love films like Near Dark and The Lost Boys, it’s hard to name a vampire movie that’s better than the Swedish flick Let The Right One In. Released in 2008, the film was remade for American audiences just two years later as Let Me In, and now the tale is headed to the small screen.

Following in the footsteps of shows like Bates Motel, From Dusk Till Dawn and Hannibal, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news today that A&E is turning the Swedish vampire story into a TV series. Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis and actor-screenwriter Brandon Boyce are in charge of this one.

A&E landed the story, about a bullied teen boy who befriends a young female vampire — based on the best-selling Swedish book by John Ajvide Lindqvist that was subsequently adapted into the critically acclaimed 2008 movie directed by Tomas Alfredson — following a bidding war with Showtime.

The drama follows the boy and female vampire, who lives in secrecy with her mysterious guardian. When a series of strange murders pops up in their small Vermont town, it attracts the attention of a federal marshal with a mysterious past of his own.

Currently in the development stage, the series is being produced in-house via A+E Studios and Marty Adelstein’s and Becky Clements’ (Teen Wolf, Aquarius) Tomorrow Studios. Davis, Boyce, Adelstein, Clements and Simon Oakes will executive produce. The property was optioned from Hammer Films Productions, which produced the 2010 English-language film adaptation Let Me In.

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