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Update of the Mask: The News of Leslie Vernon

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Western horror brought about amazing satires with the likes of Tucker and Dale vs Evil, Scream, and Cabin in the Woods. While these titles incontestably made their mark, it would be a disservice to meta/satirical horror films if Behind The Mask: Rise of Leslie Vernon did not get its dues.

Behind the Mask

Image via IMDB

Scott Glosserman’s  Behind the Mask  provided a comedic insight to the making of a serial-slasher and their “art.” While a 6-issue comic series titled Before the Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon–written by David Stieve as a “spreemaker”–was debuted at last year’s SXSW, there were only talks of the funds going towards an accompanying film for Behind the Mask.

Since then, we haven’t heard much concerning anything related to a sequel or prequel… until (potentially) now.

Leslie Vernon comic

Image via Before the Mask Indiegogo

A photo was recently uploaded to the Before the Mask Facebook page. The image shows a group consisting of director Glosserman, and Behind the Mask stars, Angela Goethals and Nathan Baesel, as well as others. A blurry script is held in front of the camera with the pictured captioned:
“Uh oh……What the hell is going on here????? Anyone anyone????” accompanied with the hashtags “#moviemagic,” and “#itshappening,”

While this is technically not a confirmation of a sequel or prequel for Behind the Mask, or even an adaptation of Before the Mask, there isn’t much else to assume as to what this photo is supposed to mean – especially with those hashtags.

We can probably expect for there to be an update (or a confirmation) fairly soon!

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