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Leigh Whannell Will Make Directorial Debut with ‘Insidious: Chapter 3’

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According to my calculations, it was a mere three days after Insidious: Chapter 2 was released that a third installment in the budding franchise was announced, which just goes to show the power of a strong box office performance. But with director James Wan moving on to films outside the horror genre, who will be directing the upcoming Insidious: Chapter 3? It’s a question we’ve been pondering since last September, and now that we’ve got an answer, we couldn’t be happier.

In a press release sent out earlier today, Focus Features, Entertainment One, Sony Pictures and Blumhouse Productions announced that Leigh Whannell will be taking over directorial duties for the money-making paranormal series’ third outing, and he will also be writing the screenplay. Whannell previously wrote Insidious and Insidious: Chapter 2, and he also starred in both as the bumbling ghost hunter Specs – so he’s just about the perfect person to take Wan’s place, and step behind the camera.

At the present time, we have no way of knowing what direction Whannell will go with the film, but we can be pretty sure that it will not center on the Lambert family, as the previous two installments did. It’s likely that a completely different case of paranormal activity will be investigated by Specs and Tucker, as the ending of the second installment teased.

This will be Wan’s directorial debut, and his previous writing credits also include Saw, Saw 2, Saw 3 and Dead Silence.

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